Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

Lyric Theatre Seating Plan

The stunning Lyric Theatre is one of the most popular London Westend theatre as well as one of the largest theatres with the occupancy of more than 1000. Theatre is spread across four levels as Stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony. There is no aisle in the Stalls and they are oddly shaped. It gets widened towards the centre and narrow towards rear.

At Row N, there are pillars which can cause obstructions and it would be advisable to avoid seating at the rear of the stalls in O-R. For those who are looking for best viewing seats then you may go for central block of seats from row E-M.

Another large block is the Dress Circle with pillars in row F may lead to some restrictions. If you are seating towards the end then you can have a side on view instead of a clear view, as the front five rows curve around the balcony. If you are looking for some best seats then you must go for the centre, rows B and C.

The size and shape of Upper Circle is similar to the Dress Circle with pillars in the centre of row D. This will lead to some serious restrictions. If you are planning to sit in the front row then it will wrap around the balcony. You will find it quite difficult to see, as you will experience some visual restrictions due to the safety rail.

For those who are looking for a good value for money then go for the Balcony. However, you will feel far away as well as detached from the stage. It is distributed into three sections with the best seats towards the front. If you have mobility issues then this 45 steps above ground level can cause problems.